Safety Awards

Open to all CHBA – Alberta members in good standing.

There will be five categories:
1)    Large Builder Member: 76+ employees
2)    Medium Builder Member: 11-75 employees
3)    Small Builder Member: 1-10 employees
4)    Large General Member:11+ employees
5)    Small General Member: 1-10 employees

If there is only one entry in any given category the member must receive a minimum of 85% overall to receive the award.

Limitations for Subsidiaries

All companies managed by one main safety contact must enter collectively under one company name. The total number of employees at each company must be added together to determine the grand total. The WCB and COR information from each company must be included.   The totals from each company will be averaged by CHBA – Alberta and used in the entry.

General Application  - Click on the category below for the Submission Guidelines

1)    Large Builder Member: 76+ employees
2)    Medium Builder Member: 11-75 employees
3)    Small Builder Member: 1-10 employees
4)    Large General Member: 11+ employees
5)    Small General Member: 1-10 employees

General Application Information
•    Please ensure you use the correct submission guideline and follow it when you compile your submission.  Scoring follows the guideline.  Requirements are slightly different for large builders and general members, and small builders and general members.
•    Points will be allocated to each individual question.
•    To start your submission, you will need to create an account, on that page you will also need to upload a JPG of your company logo.
•    Once you complete all the required questions on a page and press the ‘next’ button the information will be saved in your application if you wish to resume the completion of your submission at a later time.
•    Limit the length of your submission to short paragraphs in each area. Where indicated please limit your response to 300 words. Use lists and point form where possible.  Pictures, excerpts or a scan of a cover page of a document or publication are acceptable where indicated.
•    For all applicants: You will need to upload a copy of your 2016 WCB Premium Rate Statement. This will be required on the first page of your    submission and you will not be able to go further with your submission until it has been uploaded.
•    The first page of your application will require you to know a few key pieces of information:
      o    WCB Account number and Industry Code
      o    Number of employees at your company
      o    If you have COR - your last 3 years of audit scores. If you have SECOR and the number of years you’ve held the certification.
      o    Has your company ever been put under consideration for Employer Review? (Y/N)
      o    Has an employee of your company or a sub trade working for you on your job site suffered a
           fatality at any time in the last 3 calendar years and up to the date of this
           submission (Y/N)
      o   Has your company experienced any gas line strikes in the past 12 months? (Y/N)
•    Refrain from referencing company name in any of the comments.
•    Points will be awarded for your Disabling Injury Rate. We will request that you allow us to contact OH&S for this information. 

•    Deadline Wednesday, May 31 at NOON.
•    Be as clear and concise as possible regarding why your company is a safety leader.
•    Ensure that you describe the impacts and outcomes of actions, attitudes, training or policy. Don’t  just list them.
•    Be clear about how your company does things above the norm;
•    Don’t assume the judges have an intimate knowledge of safety or your company. 

Contact Brittany Baltimore, Safety Coordinator, at 1-800-661-3348 ext 222